Located in the Historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania area.

Antique Phonograph Service, Conservation
and Restoration is our Specialty


We are in the process of migrating all of the images and other data files for this website: and hope to have it fully populated and up and running by the end of June, 2007. In the meantime please take a minute to read the brief summary below and feel free to email me, Walt Sommers, with questions or comments.

We are a full service antique phonograph service and repair shop, and also sell a wide variety of antique phonographs. because of our proximity to the town of Gettysburg we also cater to the needs of local antique shops and malls. Our expertise includes everything from complete cabinet refinishing and restoration to motor repair. We also perform more common services including the rebuilding of phonograph reproducers and sound boxes and have parts on hand for most manufacturers. Most of our work has focused especially on the Victor Talking Machines and Victor Victrolas clear through the Orthophonic and Radiola era.

We've recently added a building on to the main shop that is dedicated for storage and houses an ever increasing quantity of complete phonographs ready for sale as well as thousands of sundry items like knobs, hinges, casters, speed controls, cranks, escutcheon hardware, and other parts too numerous too mention at present. Our stock also includes hundreds of motors (mostly Victor Victrola), cabinet parts such as doors, lids, horns, record shelves, etc., as well as several hundred tone arms. Also amongst the parts are several dozen Victor, Edison and Columbia horns. The parts inventory is constantly changing.

In the weeks to come we will be providing a much more user-friendly set of web pages that will describe some of the specific services that we perform and some of the typical costs you can expect to pay. This will also allow you to see a little more of the actual stock. But in the meantime, please feel free to inquire if you need service or parts. It will help us greatly if you include as much information about the parts or services you need. Try to include the manufacturer, model, and serial number when appropriate. Sending a picture is generally very useful as well.

My experience collecting and repairing antique phonographs, antique radios, and various other "mech-antiques" began in about 1976 in Baltimore, Md., when I was a teenager. About 6 years ago (when I wasn't a teenager anymore) I said goodbye to white collar America, gave up my private office, left behind the constant flow of freshly brewed Starbucks coffee and pastries, ditched the corporate casual yuppie wardrobe, and started Gettysburg Antique Phonographs, now a full time business servicing the needs of collectors and antique phonograph owners worldwide.